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11 March, 2013 (02:42) | Your Personal Finance Blog | By: Admin

So what is a personal finance blog?

A personal finance blog is a place where you can go to learn how to apply the principles of economics to personal finance. At My Money My Wealth, we show you a unique and coordinated approach to building and protecting your wealth. We show you a financial model that gathers all of the financial data necessary to design a broad based strategy for protecting and multiplying your assets in an uncertain economic environment where inflation, taxes and, and other eroding factors are ever-present threats to your money supply. So keep coming back to this personal finance blog to learn how to create more money with no added risk. To get a complete free analysis of how to generate more wealth to enhance your personal finance, be sure to fill out the form on the side of this post. You will then find out exactly why this personal finance blog is the key to financial freedom.

If there is one key concept to this entire personal finance blog, and if you take away nothing else from reading it, I hope it would be this concept: Money is not math, and math is not money. In other words, money is a commodity. It changes in value and can erode over time. This fact, once accepted, will increase your chance of having long-lasting financial success. This, of course, is the primary purpose of the system we show you. If you think money acts like math, as many financial advisors do, you will always be vulnerable, and chances are that you will not really succeed financially.

An example of money being a commodity, suppose you have four apples on your kitchen table, and you go to the store and buy four more apples and bring them home and place them on the table. How many apples will you now have on the table? If you say eight, you are correct, because used a mathematical calculation to solve this particular problem. but, what if you left the apples on the kitchen table, and never at them, for fifteen years from today? Of course, the correct answer would be none. Why would that be? Mathematically, you should still have eight apples,but in reality there are none. That’s because the apples would erode over the fifteen years. Apples are not like math, and math is not like an apple. An apple is a commodity. It has physical properties. You need to know about biochemistry and its effects on the apples in order to predict how many apples there will be in the future. You need to know that apples erode over time, and also that someone may eat one or more of them. You cannot eat math.

The key concept here is, of course, that your money is more like an apple than it is like math. It will erode and deteriorate over time, and no one is properly explaining to you how it will erode and why the use of math alone in a financial plan is an invalid approach to your financial needs, wants and desires. Of course, math plays a part in designing a financial strategy for your financial well-being, It does. It just cannot be the only function used to determine your wealth. The financial planning industry today does not use or even consider using these necessary sciences to help design accurate programs for you. We, at MyMoneyMyWealth, and this personal finance blog, takes into account all of these principles, and uses a more expert system and approach of computation than simply using math alone.

This personal finance blog is designed to teach principles that actually work. You will be suprised as to how traditional financial advise is killing your financial portfolio and future. This personal finance blog is designed to help your money to grow and provide a long lasting future and duplicate itself. If you would really like to learn more, be sure to fill out the form on this page to receive a free consultation on how to make your income grow and grow.

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